Helping Single Parents in Larimer County, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Who enrolls in the Project Self-Sufficiency program?

Project Self-Sufficiency Participants represent many single parents in our community struggling to make a living wage and support their families. Examples of program participants include but are not limited to recently divorced stay-at-home moms needing updated skills and help reentering the workforce, young parents needing assistance finishing their GEDs and continuing on to college, and healing domestic violence victims navigating legal services while preparing for a self-sufficient future. Project Self-Sufficiency serves both single mothers, and single fathers.

How long is the waiting period to enroll in Project Self-Sufficiency?

Project Self-Sufficiency recently expanded the program in order to assist more families. In general, most applicants will be interviewed for an opening with Project Self-Sufficiency within 5 months of completing two walk-in meetings. It is important to apply and attend walk-ins soon, as we date-stamp applications. The Advisor that you speak with during your second walk-in should be able to provide you with a more specific estimate in terms of the waitlist at that time. If there is an address or phone number change, please contact right away to update applicant information.

Does Project Self-Sufficiency provide housing?

Yes for Participants enrolled in our program at least three months and in good standing. We have units at Matuka Court in Fort Collins and 20 units at the award winning Willow Place housing complex in Loveland are made available through the cities' Housing Authority departments to select Project Self-Sufficiency participants who have met specific program requirements. You must be an active participant with Project Self-Sufficiency in order to be eligible for housing, and even then, housing is available only on a case-by-case basis as units become available.

Does Project Self-Sufficiency have cars?

Yes for Participants enrolled in our program at least three months and in good standing. Project Self-Sufficiency has a program to get donated cars to families in need of transportation. However, as with the housing program, cars are only available to active participants with Project Self-Sufficiency who have met specific requirements. We receive a limited number of donated vehicles each year, and therefore they are available on a case-by-case basis. Participants must apply and be approved by a volunteer committee before receiving a vehicle.