Helping Single Parents in Larimer County, Colorado


Program Criteria

 1. I am a single parent.

We consider situations beyond a person's marital status. Cohabitation ("intimate partners who live together") impacts eligibility.

2. I reside in Larimer County, Colorado and am at least 18 years old.

3. I am a low-income household.

Project Self-Sufficiency uses 185% of the Federal poverty level to determine program eligibility. The following guidelines are used:

Family Size Including Parent Maximum Annual Income Maximum Monthly Income
Single parent with 1 child $30,044 $2,503
Single parent with 2 children $37,777 $3,148
Single parent with 3 children $45,510 $3,793
Single parent with 4 children $53,243 $4,437
Single parent with 5 children $60,976 $5,081

*retrieved from on 1/20/2017

4. I am the primary parent responsible for at least one child 13-years-old or younger living with me more than 50% of the time. We may ask for documentation of this upon request.

5. I demonstrate a need for services and have the ability to prepare for full-time employment.

6. I show a willingness to meet regularly and cooperate with an Advisor.

7. I am a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident.

If these statements are all true, please proceed to our Program Application by clicking here.