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PS-S FundraiserAlex organized his very own lemonade stand fundraiser and raised $17 for Project Self-Sufficiency. Way to go, Alex!

There are many other ways in which you can give as well:

Vehicle Donations

Holiday Fund

"Cool Kids" Back-to-School Fund

Computer Donations

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Cars for Families Program and Transportation Fund

Reliable transportation is critical as single parents enrolled in Project Self-Sufficiency take steps to increase their education, gain work experience, and accomplish personal goals. We are looking for private individuals, car dealerships, and businesses to donate new or used vehicles to the 'Cars for Families' Program.  Download our brochure.

We accept vehicles that are in working condition and we require that all donated vehicles be inspected by one of our partner garages.This process can take several weeks, so if you have a year-end vehicle donation, we request that you contact us by December 15th, so that we may have it inspected by December 21st. Vehicles must be inspected by December 21st. The end of year is very busy for our garages and this will allow time for the mechanics to inspect the car and see if it is an appropriate vehicle for our program.

A selection committee reviews applications from families who are already Project Self-Sufficiency Participants. Your donated car is then made available to a selected family and becomes their daily mode of transportation to work, school, child care, and medical appointments. With your help, a family in need is able to move forward in reaching their goals for self-sufficiency.

As an added bonus, you can maximize your tax deductions! All donated cars are given directly to single parent families in need – never sold at an auction. Why is this important? The size of your tax deduction is based on the fair market value of your car if the charity uses your vehicle in its operations or gives it to a person in need. However, if your car is sold to raise funds for the charity instead, your tax deduction will be limited to the amount of money the charity receives from the sale of your car.

According to CharityWatch, cars sold at auction may net the charity as little as $45 per car when sold en masse. Since Project Self-Sufficiency gives the car to a participant in need, your tax deduction will be based on the fair market value of your car rather than being limited to the amount of money the charity receives from the sale of your car. This may increase your tax deduction by thousands of dollars! A receipt showing the fair market value of your car will be provided to you by Project Self-Sufficiency.

Cars for Families Program

Vehicle Donation Process

  1. Complete the Cars for Families Donation Form and email to Susan Dominica, Cars for Families Program Coordinator, at For year-end donations, please contact us by December 15th. (If you have a Mac, please print the form to download, then Save As... otherwise the document will be blank when submitted).

  2. An inspection is then arranged for the vehicle by one of the Project Self-Sufficiency contract garages. If the vehicle is determined to be a viable donation, the title is signed over by the donor to Project Self- Sufficiency. The donor will receive verification of the donation.

  3. Once the title is transferred into the name of Project Self- Sufficiency, it is then transferred a second time into the name of the participant selected to receive the car. (The title will be transferred once proof of insurance and a valid driver's license are received from the participant).

The Houska Challenge

For the past six years, Houska Automotive has handed car keys to a grateful single parent during the intermission of a CSU Lagoon concert, and through the Houska Challenge they have urged many other automotive businesses to donate parts and services to Project Self-Sufficiency. Through the efforts of Houska Automotive and many other generous automotive businesses who met the Houska Challenge, several Project Self-Sufficiency Participants will have more reliable transportation for their families.  Read about the 2015 Houska Challenge   

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Holiday Fund

Each year we have a special request for holiday assistance to solicit funds and holiday gifts for Project Self-Sufficiency Participants who have little or no outside family support. We have more families in our program this year, so our need is greater than ever!  As in the past, this upcoming holiday season can be greatly enhanced for many hard working, single parent families through the generous assistance of community members.

There are a variety of ways in which you can help:

Holiday Programs

  • Gift Card Sponsorship: Do you want to share your resources but don’t have the time or desire to do the shopping? You can give our single moms and single dads the opportunity to shop for their own children by providing gift cards from a local store (i.e. Target, Wal-mart). Allowing participants to experience the joy of picking out items for her or his children will mean so much to each of them. We have many participants who would love this option. In addition, you can still purchase one or more gifts for the mom or dad if you desire.
  • Traditional Family Sponsorship: Project Self-Sufficiency staff matches these sponsors with a family and you shop for the gifts for the kids and the mom or dad. If you prefer this option we will match you with a specific family, provide you with their gift request list, and you can purchase the gifts and bring them to our drop off/ pick up locations. If you prefer to sponsor children of certain ages or gender, the sooner you send the Sponsorship Form back to us, the better. We request that all donated items be new.
  • Discretionary Monetary Donations: These donations can either be designated to purchase the gift cards mentioned above or to support our annual family holiday party which approximately 200 children attend. You may designate if you have a preference or allow us to use the funds where they are most needed.
  • Book and Game Donations for Holiday Party: We can accept new books or board games to give to the children ages birth to eleven who attend our Holiday Family Party. Books must be non-gender specific and non-religious in nature. Deadline for book donation is December 1st.

To become a 2016 Holiday Sponsor, complete the Holiday Sponsorship Form (you must have Adobe 2008 or above to fill out this form) and return it to

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"Cool Kids" Back-to-School Clothing Fund 

The Cool Kids Fund provides new back-to-school clothing for all children in our program in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade and also Pre-Kindergarten, if funds are available. Each child is given a gift card to a local store of their choice to purchase new clothes before the school year starts. Each year we distribute approximately $23,000 in gift cards to approximately 150 kids in our program. Feedback from our families is overwhelmingly positive. Being able to purchase new clothes increases their child's ability to fit in with their peers, increases their excitement and enthusiasm to go back to school, and increases their self-esteem. This is often the only time kids get new clothes during the year.

If you are interested in donating to the Cool Kids Fund, you can make a donation on our website or by mailing a check to Project Self-Sufficiency and make a note that it is designated for "Cool Kids Fund." You can also buy gift cards in any amount from Target, Kohl's, JCPenny's, Old Navy, Walmart and mail or deliver to either office, again marking it for "Cool Kids Fund."

To learn more about Cool Kids and see quote from Participants, view our flier. You can also contact Connie at or 635-5902.

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Computer Donations

Donate your old computer or laptop to a Project Self-Sufficiency participant attending college. Most computers purchased within the past six years will meet our requirements. Minimum specifications:

  • Operating system = Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 (this refers to the OS that came installed on the computer)
  • Processor Type = Dual Core Intel or AMD processor or better, 2.0 GHz or faster
  • Memory = 2.0 GB or more
  • Disk Size = 120 Gigabytes or larger

If you are unsure whether your machine meets Project Self-Sufficiency requirements, simply email the brand name, model and serial number (some brands have a service tag number instead of a serial number), to

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Supply Wishlist

Project Self-Sufficiency would greatly appreciate donation of the following items:

  • Gift cards for gas, groceries, clothing or oil changes
  • Gently used children’s books
  • Gently used children's toys
  • Copy paper
  • Moving dolly/hand truck
  • Laminator

Please call ahead to arrange a drop off. Loveland: (970) 635-5912; Fort Collins: (970) 407-0305

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