Helping Single Parents in Larimer County, Colorado

Adult Education, Training & Job Readiness

GEDs, Certificates, Degrees and internships are the pillars on which program Participants build their careers in order to be competitive in the job market.

College and Training Program Visits

Education for Single Parents

Learn about available education and training options for your career.

Academic/Degree Overview

Map out all of the courses you will need and how long it will take to complete your education or training program.

Scholarship Fund

Assisting with the cost of living expenses and educational expenses while you are working on your education or training.

Child Care Assistance Fund

Covering the cost for licensed child care while you are in class, studying, or interning in your career field.


Variety of subjects such as math, science and statistics to support learning in difficult classes.

Computers and Computer Repair

Ensuring you have the technology needed to be successful.


Meeting with you monthly and talk about your accomplishments and help problem solve challenges so you can stay focused and on-track with your goals.

Self-Sufficiency Action Plan

Outline your goals and track progress.